LPP’s machinery investments are located in various parts of Hungary, including South-Transdanubia, Kaposvár, Komló as well as Budapest. Lakics Gépgyártó Kft. ( has a special role within the group as the initial family business, which is active in the production and processing of complex and fine steel structures. The primary profile of the company is producing and delivering cases for the engines and generators of wind and other energy related applications to multinational companies.

The sourcing of input materials is partially done through Acél 235 Kft. (, the steel sheet trading business of the group. Acél 235 Kft. trades exclusively hot-rolled steel plates, mainly focusing on thick plates.

LPP’s renewable energy leg consists of companies active in renewable energy generation as well as development and operation of power plants ( These activities provide a diversified source of revenues for LPP. The existing photovoltaic projects are operated under the KÁT system, while the company is also active in the development of METÁR projects. Due to their high profitability, renewables play an important role in LPP’s strategy to diversify its investment portfolio.

In the real estate segment, LPP aims to apply a diversified investment strategy. The company’s investments include among others commercial properties in major cities in the country side as well as an apartment hotel, office building and hotel development in the capital city. LPP’s objective is to further diversify the portfolio of properties in terms of location and functions.