About us


LPP is a family office handling a diversified portfolio with various investments in three main areas:

  • machinery,
  • renewable energy,
  • and real estate.

Subsidiaries are active in the following fields:

  1. within the machinery field our companies focus on the manufacturing of steel based machinery, trade of steel sheets, and the leasing of tools and real properties supporting the trade and manufacturing activities.
  2. In the renewable energy field LPP’s subsidiaries hold and sell photovoltaic power plants, while also take part in the development and operation of such power plants.
  3. The focus in the field of real estate is on leasing and development of real properties.


LPP is a versatile holding company, which has a diversified portfolio of subsidiaries in the machinery, renewable energy, and real estate sectors. As a holding company LPP designs and supports the execution of the fiscal, business and financial strategies of its subsidiaries.

LPP’s main goal as a holding company is to ensure the sustainable long-term growth of its subsidiaries through efficient cooperation between the affiliated companies. Instead of focusing on marketing and exiting from the subsidiaries, our objective is to generate and maintain wealth and value through them. Due to our diversified portfolio, we believe that the holding is able to sustain these objectives regardless, the ever-changing market conditions.

The holding company has been growing dynamically in recent years. Between 2016 and 2019 our assets grew by 80%, while the company’ equity at the end of 2019 grew by 56% as compared to the end of 2016.